String Quartet
Consists of two violins, viola and cello. Provides the fullest sound and widest range of sonority of the ensembles. Offers the most complete collection of musical repertoire. Hands down the most complete and elegant of all the ensembles.
String Trio
Consists of two violins and a cello. A string trio is the closest in sound to the string quartet. Slightly limited to the quartet when it comes to the musical repertoire. Ideal for areas with limited space.
Violin & Cello Duo
Provides a smaller sound for intimate settings with selective guest attendance. Does not perform from the listed repertoire, but rather light classical background selections. Not recommended for outdoor events.
Strolling Violin/Solo Cello
Perfect for environments where a personal touch is desired. Not ideal for large spaces.
Harp Trio
Consist of a harp, violin and cello. Most appropriate for a featured event (wedding ceremony). Not available for longer periods of time. 1 hour maximum outside of ceremony.
String Quintet
Consists of two violins, viola ,cello and double bass. Provides the closest sound to a full chamber orchestra. Exceptional for events where a large amount of space is needed to be covered. The double bass adds an increased depth of sound to that of the quartet. Also ideal for events incorporating jazz and pops favorites!
Herald Trumpet/ Trumpet
A very elegant and majestic way to announce the arrival of the bride to her guest! Combine with the string quartet/ quintet to create a very "fairytale" like entrance. Create twice the impact with a dual (2) trumpet fanfare. You are sure to leave your guest talking long after the celebration is over.